In the 11th century, the Knight of Ophem settled with his chapel in "Op-heim". "Op-heim" means "on the hill". This is where the name of the hamlet "Oppem" comes from. Until 1727, the farmstead was owned by the van Ophem families. In 1726 Gertrude Van Hamme inherited the farmstead. Her son married Guillam Sterckx in 1759.

This farmstead was built to be able to provide their son Engelbertus Sterckx, archbishop of Mechelen, a suitable accommodation for when he visited Oppem to relax.

Afterwards, the Vanderhasselt family bought the farmstead and it is still owned by the Vanderhasselt family today.


In 2001 Chris Vanderhasselt rebuilt a part of the farmstead to accomodate a bed&breakfast “Sterckxhof”. This Bed and Breakfast has recently been graded 4 stars. The left part of the farmstead, het "Pastoriehof", is now available for gatherings, parties and corporate or private events.

“Invite your friends and family to an event at this superb location!”